Business Support & Coaching

We provide business support to clients across a range of different levels. For some we simply help them efficiently manage their organisation’s finances. However for others it goes much deeper than that.

With extensive business expertise, we provide hands-on coaching to support our clients as they launch or develop their businesses. Becoming part of their team, we act as their trusted adviser, share their passion and help them to focus clearly on what they really want to achieve.

With a genuine interest in and concern for their business, we willingly pass on our own knowledge and use our specialist skills to benefit our clients and help them achieve their goals. From advice on business structure, funding and financial systems, to effective strategies for growth and development, we carefully guide our clients on the general principles of running and expanding a successful business. And with an undisputed track record in the production and analysis of regular management information, we make sure each of our clients has every piece of financial and statistical information they need for efficient benchmarking and expansion.

Our services include:

  • Corporate Finance
    • assistance with business development planning and compilation of financial projections
    • help in raising finance and negotiating with banks and commercial fund providers
    • assistance in meeting due diligence requirements in acquisition or disposal of businesses
    • support for new business ‘start-ups’
  • Share valuations
    • valuations for tax planning & compliance
    • expert witness
    • valuations for matrimonial settlements
    • business acquisitions and disposals
  • Government Grants
    • advice on applications for Regional Selective Assistance
    • help in identifying other grants available to specific business sectors
  • Computer Support
    • impartial advice on new and existing systems through our associated business, Computing Solutions (Scotland) Ltd
    • hardware and software purchases
    • software installation and implementation
    • review of system control and procedures